GardenLab @ 516

| The GardenLab@516
Site-specific Installation |22'w x 90'd lot | 2010-2012

The GardenLab@516 was a hybrid mix of sculpture, gardening, archeology, art experimentation and natural occurrence. In the spring of 2010, I started the transformation of this lot from a dump site for the neighborhood’s
larger household discards and yard debris, into a public outdoor art studio/laboratory. Planting beds and containers were constructed using materials found in the initial clean up phase of the lot. Over the course of 18 months, the GardenLab changed with the seasons.

You can view The GardenLab@516 from start to finish through these photo album links: 

TheGardenLab@516 | April and May
The GardenLab@516 | June and July 
The GardenLab@516 | April 2011 +